If you are a full-time graduate student and have worked as a TA, RA, Proctor, Marker, Tutor or Lab Demonstrator in the past, you might be entitled to job security*.

Job security guarantees you a new contract of minimum 130 hours per year during your first (2) two years of study (if you are a Master’s student), or during your first (5) five years of study (if you are a PhD student).


Be a full-time graduate student (Master’s, PhD)
Work more than 130 hours during one year of study during your graduate program

The University may fulfill job security obligations at any time of the academic year**. Therefore, you might get a contract offer at any time during the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer semesters. If you believe you will complete your program before the end of the academic year, you must contact your Department and provide a written confirmation from your thesis director.

* Job security is not available for CO-OP students, students hired as Research Assistants whose work is related to their own thesis project, and Research Assistantships paid with external funds (unless decided otherwise by the Department and/or Faculty).

** Your academic year begins with your first semester of your program. For example, if you began your program in the Winter semester 2019, your next academic year begins in the Winter semester 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns about job security as a CUPE 2626-00 member, please contact us at info@cupe2626.ca. All questions and issues remain confidential.