POSTED ON August 31, 2016
Bargaining update

Bargaining meetings have taken place between the Bargaining Committee (BC) and the Employer (the University of Ottawa). This is an update from the bargaining process.

Bargaining with the University

At the first meeting on July 6th, the two sides presented and exchanged their proposals. Real negotiations then began on July 8th. The two parties reached agreement on minor propositions made by the BC regarding the role of the union. BC members also managed to obtain the establishment of a working subcommittee on issues of discrimination and harassment (Articles 10 and 11 of the Collective Agreement). The work of this subcommittee is underway. The working atmosphere at the bargaining table remains positive, as the most contentious issues have yet to be addressed. Given the progress of these first two meetings, we believe that bargaining will continue to proceed without major obstacles for the moment. The two sides have resumed formal bargaining in the second week of August.

The work of the CUPE 2626 Bargaining Committee

Since May, the Bargaining Committee has been developing the proposals on non-monetary issues. These aim to improve the weak points of the current Collective Agreement by drawing on issues our members have raised, and studying other university collective agreements in the province. The BC members are currently finalizing the proposals on monetary matters, which should be presented by both parties later this summer. The committee is also continuing to analyze the survey that members completed earlier this summer. Since the launch of the survey, the BC has been compiling the results and focusing their negotiating priorities based on your needs and concerns.

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