POSTED ON September 01, 2022
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In the past three years, we have dealt with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, fractured and unilateral decision-making by the University regarding the transition to online learning, and salary increases capped at 1%. Now, we are facing skyrocketing inflation and uncertainty about job security and the return to campus.

This year, we are bargaining for a better Collective Agreement.
Now is the chance to have your say!

What does that mean? Every three years, our Collective Agreement is renegotiated to make sure we can protect our rights, better our working conditions, and receive fair wages!

What have we been doing? Our elected Bargaining Committee is working hard reviewing the current Collective Agreement to negotiate an agreement that addresses our concerns and reflects our interests. Official negotiations with the University will begin in September.

How can you help? SHARE YOUR VOICE! Fill out our bargaining survey!

TOGETHER we can work towards a fair and equitable Collective Agreement!
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