POSTED ON July 24, 2020
Ratification is here! We need your vote!

Starting at midnight until 11:59 pm on July 28,  we are asking all members to take the time to vote on the ratification of the new collective agreement. You can find the changes to the Collective Agreement, complete with explanations here.

Ratification is the process by which the membership approves the changes that were made to the collective agreement during the bargaining process. In this case, it involves you filling out this Google Form ( and placing your ballot through the form.

Voting is open between midnight on July 27 and 11:59 pm on July 28, giving you two days to think through the Memorandum of Settlement (the document outlining all changes made to the collective agreement.) If you have any questions, feel free to email!

Please note, the form opens at midnight. Only votes that are submitted between midnight on July 27 and 11:59 pm on July 28 will be taken into account. 

What is the Ratification vote?

Ratification is the final step of the bargaining process, where the membership (THAT’S YOU!) votes to accept or reject the changes that were made to the Collective Agreement during the bargaining process. The Settlement document, including explanations, can be found here in both official languages.

Where can I place my vote?

The link to the ratification form can be found here: You can only vote once. If you place a vote more than once, only the first vote will be counted.

When will the results of the Ratification be announced?

The results of Ratification will be announced on July 31 by email. Once the agreement is ratified by the members, the Employer will have 90 days to send us our back-pay. (So yes, you will get paid a little extra once the MoS is ratified!)

What if the MoS is not ratified?

If the majority of the membership votes no, the Bargaining Committee will go back to the bargaining table with the Employer. However, the Bargaining Committee has unanimously endorsed the MoS because we feel it is a fair deal. Going back to the bargaining table means that we risk losing some of the wins we have achieved.

What are some of the changes to the Collective Agreement that were bargained for?

The settlement document gives detailed explanations of each change to the Collective Agreement. We have increased protections against harassment and discrimination, negotiated better pregnancy and parental leave and more Health and Dental funds, and more!

What is Bill 124 and what does it have to do with ratification?

In October 2019, the Ontario government passed Bill 124. The bill limits bargaining power for unions with public employees by limiting the increase in salaries (at 1% per year) and in benefits (at 1% per year) for the three years of the collective agreement term.  Bill 124 gives context for why we could only bargain for a 1% increase in salaries, and an increase in the Health and Dental Fund and Conference Fund. Ratification is the process by which the union members (that’s you!) vote to agree to the changes that have been made to the collective agreement through bargaining.

I noticed that our bylaws differ from the ratification process outlined in this email. Why is that?

The Executive Board meeting (on June 25, 2020), and the Steward’s Council meeting (on July 2, 2020) both agreed to a new temporary procedure for ratification. Given the limitations of meeting in person because of COVID-19, we felt that it was best to move the voting process online. The new procedure, as recommended by CUPE National, stays as close to the bylaws as possible, while still keeping us safe and healthy.

When will the Health and Dental Fund be reopened?

Once the collective agreement has been ratified, the Health and Dental Fund will be reopened with additional funds as outlined in the new agreement. You will hear about the ratification results on July 31, 2020.

When will we receive our back-pay?

The collective agreement outlines a 1% salary increase per year for 2019-2022 (in accordance with Bill 124). That means that if you worked between September 1st, 2019, and August 31, 2020, you will be entitled to back-pay to make up the salary increase. The Employer has 90 days after ratification to make that payment, but has said that they “will endeavour to make it in 60 days”.

What if I have questions regarding the changes to the Collective Agreement?

Send your questions to Meg Peters, the Chair of the Bargaining Committee at!