POSTED ON March 10, 2014
Next Annual General Assembly: Strike Mandate Vote

Why we need a strike mandate:

The Union of Teaching and Research Assistants, Markers, and Proctors has been in bargaining with the Employer (the University of Ottawa) since the beginning of last semester (Fall 2013). 193 days have gone by since our collective agreement ended, and we still feel that the Employer is avoiding talking about core issues for our members.

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Here is a list of pending issues the Employer is avoiding to either talk about or give the Union credible data on:

  • Health and dental benefits;
  • Maternity leave;
  • Discrimination & harassment;
  • Tuition fee increases vs wages.

Considering the ridiculous delays the Employer has imposed on your Union and on you, and considering their refusal to provide us with credible data, we are at a point where your Union has no other choice but to ask you for a strong strike mandate. We believe that this tool will show the Employer that:

  • They have to take us seriously;
  • They have to stop playing around with unreasonable delays;
  • They have to show up at the bargaining table with credible data.

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The longer we wait, the longer our working conditions remain uncertain and precarious! This is why we will be having a strike mandate vote at the next AGA.

The CUPE 2626 Annual General Assembly (AGA) will take place on March 12th, 2014 at 5 p.m. in TBT 112. For more information about the AGA, see the following page.

NB: Please bring a photo ID (eg: your student card). A proof of contract in the last year may also be required if you aren’t on the members’ list – if possible, please bring a copy of your last contract (either a hard copy or an electronic version). Electronic contracts are emailed to your employee email address.

For more information, please see our Strike Mandate FAQ or write to us at

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