While we all strive for a healthy working environment, that is not always the reality. An unhealthy work environment may not be readily identifiable as such and can take on much more subtle forms. Furthermore, problems that arise may not even be intentionally set into motion but instead develop through miscommunication and ignorance about the rights and duties of student workers.

Common examples of problems that arise for our members include: surpassing the number of hours in your contract, being expected to perform additional tasks which are not included or related to the tasks in your contract, and being pressured to work more than 25 hours in one week.

Whether big or small, you have the right to expect a healthy, productive work environment and experience as a student worker. CUPE 2626 exists to help you if you feel uncomfortable in any way.

All issues brought to our attention are taken seriously and CUPE 2626 tailors its approach for the context-specific situation you are experiencing. There are multiple ways to address a work related issue (both formally and informally) depending on the preferences of the member as well as the issue at hand. Speaking out against workplace issues should not stigmatize you within your department or among professors. In fact, it is an important mechanism that helps ensure and maintain a healthy work environment for everyone.

You can contact us if you want to talk about a situation that makes you uncomfortable. We’re here to listen, and we’re here to help.

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