POSTED ON February 03, 2020
General Assembly: We’re trying to go green!

Events like the GA can produce a lot of waste, but we’re committed to reducing the amount of waste at our events and taking the following steps at our upcoming GA:

  1. We are not purchasing any one-time use plastics or paper dishes and cutlery. Instead, we have partnered with UOSU Sustainability, and they will be loaning us dishes and cutlery.  We still have a lot of plastic cutlery and dishes  in our office, so you might see some at the GA, but moving forward, we will not purchase more.

  2. We are trying to get local, small business to cater our events. For example, we’ve ordered shawarma from Express Shawarma, churros from La Catrina, treats from Little Jo Berry’s, and coffee from Bridgehead.

  3. We are not postering in order to let you folks know about the GA. Instead, we are relying on our newsletter, social media, and word of mouth (so tell a friend about the GA!).  We still will be circling out our tiny flyers, but we plan on phasing these out eventually. We are phasing out our “paper” advertising in stages.

  4. We are giving out a sustainable, reusable food container to the first 50 members to register so that leftovers can be taken home minimizing food waste.

  5. We are laminating our voting cards. Although we reuse the voting cards that can be reused (sometimes people spill food on them, and we need to throw them out), we are laminating them which means if food is spilt of them, it’s no biggie! We simply need to wipe them clean.

  6. We will be properly set-up to ensure that recycling can happen efficiently at the GA. 

We realize that we still have a lot of work to do, but we are working on it and committed!