POSTED ON September 25, 2014
September 11, 2014 – Two New Victories!

In a recent case, the Employer (the university of Ottawa) failed to provide the member with a written job description at the beginning of his contract. Subsequently, the Employer not only failed to address issues of copyright and ownership of intellectual property, but eventually terminated the member’s grant without reference to the terms of a contract, or without any evaluation (as is required by the Collective Agreement). Nearly 4 months after filing a grievance and a few weeks after the Union indicated its intention to take this case to arbitration, CUPE 2626 and the member were finally able to settle on an agreement with the Employer.

After filing a grievance against his supervisor for harassment, one TA ended up working for another supervisor, which partially resolved the situation. However, the University subsequently failed to pay the member for hours previously worked and, roughly 10 months later, another grievance was filed, this time for late pay. Within 3 weeks of having filed this new grievance, the Union was notified by the Employer that the member would receive full payment for late pays in the next week. This settlement was reached prior to even holding a formal meeting between parties, demonstrating that the Union is gaining in strength in terms of grievance resolution.

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