POSTED ON June 04, 2020
The Temporary Hardship (COVID-19) Fund is a Go! 

We are happy to announce that the Temporary Hardship Fund has been approved by YOU, our members!  Out of the 73 valid votes, the fund got a 93% approval rating.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

You can find the Fund’s Policy here.

Below you will find  more information on the fund and how to apply. 

What is this Fund meant to cover? 

The purpose of the CUPE 2626 Temporary Hardship Fund is to provide financial support to members of the Local who require financial assistance as a result of the COVID-19 health emergency. This fund will be in place until September 30, 2020.

For the purposes of this Fund, “results of the COVID-19 health emergency” shall include, but not be limited to, sudden workplaces closures, layoffs, reduced working hours, loss of potential CUPE 2626 contracts, and/or medical and health related costs.

The Local understands that some members have difficult financial situations outside of the criteria described in this fund; for emergency needs not caused by the COVID-19 crisis, we will recommend that members apply to our Emergency Fund instead.

For more information, see the Temporary Hardship Fund Policy, section B. DEFINITION .

Who can apply?  

All CUPE 2626 members can apply. 

Priority will be given to members who are not eligible for Canada’s Emergency Response Benefit  (CERB) or Canada’s Emergency Student Benefit (CESB). 

How do I know if I’m a member? 

To be a member of CUPE 2626 you need:

  1. to  be a student (it does not matter if you are an undergraduate or graduate student) 
  2.  have had a teacher assistant, research assistant, demonstrator, laboratory monitor, tutor, corrector, or proctor contract in the last twelve months. This means that you do not need to currently be working as any of these things to be a member. You need only to have had a contract in the last twelve months and be a student. 


The number of contracted hours do not impact membership. For example, if you were an exam proctor, and your contract was only for 3 hours,  you are still a member.

When you are no longer a student, you are no longer a member, even if you currently hold or held a contract in the past twelve months.

How can I apply?

To apply for the Temporary Hardship Fund,  you need  to fill out the online form

The online form requires you to provide: 

  1. Your contact information (name, employee number, student number, email address, and current mailing address. Note: you can find your employee number on your work contract)
  2. A description of the nature of your  financial emergency (e.g. unable to pay rent due to being laid off)
  3. A description of the steps you  have taken to try to address the financial emergency (e.g. applied for a scholarship or EI)
  4.  An explanation of the resources or benefits you are currently receiving (e.g. CERB or CESB)
  5.  A demonstration of financial need (e.g. a budget of their monthly expenses and income)

For more information, see the Temporary Hardship Fund Policy, section D. PROCEDURE .

How much can I expect to receive? 

Individual disbursements will be limited to a maximum one-time lump sum of $500.  The Local’s Executive Board will decide how much funding to award an application based on financial need and funds available.

For more information, see the Hardship Fund Policy, section C. AMOUNT .

If I apply, how long should it take for me to hear back? 

The Executive Board meets at the end of every month to review applications.  They vote  on every application, and their decision is final.

Who should I contact if I have more questions? 

If you have any further questions, please contact our treasurer ( or our president (