POSTED ON January 06, 2020
Can bargaining material be made public to members?

It’s no secret we’re in bargaining, but we do need to be careful what we make public to you, our members. It’s also no secret that word at uOttawa goes around fast, which is why publicly discussing articles that we’re currently bargaining could give away our power by outlining our strategies to the Employer!

Bargaining involves keeping both sides on their toes; we have been working very hard to maintain an equilibrium despite a power imbalance. Although the Employer has tenure on their side, we have an entire membership behind us and will continue to work in this membership’s collective interests. Our strength is in our membership! This is why we assure you that our priority is to ensure that the elements outlined in our bargaining mandate that you voted on at our March 19, 2019, assembly and the survey distributed to members is at the core of our fight. Finally, do not forget that before any deal is finalized, it will have to be ratified by you through a vote that we will hold once we have wrapped up negotiations.

If you have any questions or would like a general bargaining update, please do not hesitate to contact your bargaining committee chair, Meg Peters