Seniority is defined as the first day of work, including training, within the bargaining unit. The University shall maintain a seniority list showing the date of the first day of work for each Employee. An updated seniority list shall be sent to the Union in October and June of each year.

An Employee will lose their seniority and their services with the University will be terminated when the employee resigns, dismissed or if the Employee is not employed by the University for a period of more than one (1) academic session, except for reasons of sickness or accident, substantiated by a medical certificate and approved by the Health and Wellness Office.

During an unemployment period such as stated in Article 7.3, the employee retains seniority without accumulating seniority for that leave period. An employee on maternity or parental leave continues to accumulate seniority during their leave.

Where multiple Employees have the same seniority date :

– The last performance appraisal score will be used to determine seniority.

– If necessary, when the performance score is the same, seniority will then be determined by lottery. In this case, the names of the Employees with the same seniority and the same performance score shall be drawn in the presence of a CUPE 2626-03 representative. The first Employee with their name drawn will be deemed to be the most senior, and so on, through that group for the duration of the current contract period.