Members of CUPE 2626 can run for elected positions for the Executive Board (EB). These positions allow members to become closely involved in union business and are usually paid. Each position is subject to specific linguistic requirements, which you can find below. These positions are usually filled at the Annual General Assembly (AGA) in the spring, but elections can happen at other times, depending on vacancies. A detailed description of the duties and responsibilities associated with each position is provided below.

Election Procedure

There are two nomination periods. The first nomination period begins as soon as the General Assembly (GA) is first called and ends at 11:59 pm on the day preceding the GA. This nomination period is for members who cannot attend the GA but who wish to run for one of the positions. The second nomination period takes place at the GA. It is for members who wish to run for one of the positions and who will attend the GA.

First Nomination Period

Any member in good standing who wishes to run for a given position but who cannot attend the GA has to hand out or email a letter of intention to that effect to the President of Assembly, which includes the following information:

  1. Their name, their employee number, and their signature
  2. Their phone number and their email
  3. The title of the position they wish to run for
  4. Their Degree of Functionality in the two official languages
  5. The name, the employee number, and the signature of five (5) members in good standing supporting their nomination (a member may nominate or support the nomination of only one person per position)
  6. A document of one (1) page in length maximum, or two (2) pages if written in both official languages, in which they introduce themselves and present their electoral platform

Second Nomination Period

A nomination will be presented as a formal motion and must be seconded. A member may nominate or second the nomination of only one person per position.

Linguistic Requirements

The linguistic requirements associated with each elected position within CUPE 2626 are based on the following Degrees of Functionality:

Degree A: Written and oral comprehension, written and oral expression
Degree B: Written and oral comprehension, oral expression
Degree C: Written and oral comprehension
Degree D: Written comprehension

Read more about the election procedures in the CUPE 2626 Bylaws.