Please note that compensation for the mandatory training is currently SUSPENDED until the negociation of new Collective Agreement.

As your Employer, the University of Ottawa must ensure that you complete the mandatory Health and Safety Training as mandated by provincial law.

How to complete your mandatory training

  1. Go to and click on the “Learning” tab.
  2. Click on “My Training File” under the list “Workshops”.
  3. Set up your account or log in with your employee number and password. You must log in for the system to record that you have completed the training as an employee. For help with your password, please contact the uOttawa IT Service Desk.
  4. Click on “List of Workshops” and select “Mandatory” from the “By category” list of workshops. The list looks longer than it really is because all training are available in both official languages.

Mandatory Training Workshops

As an employee of the University of Ottawa, you must complete the seven (7) mandatory* training modules:

  1. Accessibility Standards for Customer Service
  2. Respect in the Workplace
  3. Violence Prevention
  4. Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness**
  5. Worker Health and Safety Awareness
  6. Working Together: The Code and the AODA
  7. What to do when someone discloses an alleged incident of sexual violence – Module 1

All training workshops are available here.

*While it is recommended all training be completed, the workshops listed above are mandatory.

** You may not think you are a supervisor, but you are in a supervisory position in regard to the students (during lectures, office hours, discussion groups, as a lab monitor, and as a proctor).