Answering your most asked questions:


Q: I’m having trouble accessing Workday to confirm my contract details and banking information. What should I do? 

A: If you’re facing difficulties accessing Workday, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your department: Reach out to your department to obtain your employee number and employee email if you don’t have them already.
  2. Log In to Workday: Use your employee number and email to log in to Workday. Once logged in, you’ll be able to check your contract status and banking information.

By following these steps, you should be able to access the necessary information in Workday. If you encounter further issues, reach out directly to workday@uottawa.ca, fill out the official Workday help formor contact IT services for support.


Q: I’ve experienced payment delays at the beginning of the term. How can I address this?

A: Payment delays at the beginning of each term are a known occurrence. According to Article 32.6.1, the university has until the second pay cycle of the month after you started working to get you your first paycheck. This means that if you began working in September, the university has until October 30 to pay you. It’s important to note that you should receive backpay for the previous pay cycles at that time. If you don’t receive full payment on October 30, please:

  1. Contact the Steward Representatives (SRs): Reach out to the Steward Representatives to report the issue. They can assist you in addressing the payment delay and ensuring your concern is properly addressed:

By following these steps, you’ll receive guidance and support to resolve any payment delay issues you encounter. Your steward and steward representatives are here to help you!


Q: I’ve noticed a difference in my paystubs with Workday. Can you clarify the changes in the breakdown and hourly rate for CUPE 2626 members?

A: Payment details in Workday might appear differently than in the previous system, and it’s essential to understand these changes. Here’s a breakdown:

Hourly Rate: Your hourly rate is now listed as $43.57 per hour. This is our base rate. In addition to this, you’ll receive 4% in lieu of vacation and 2.5% in lieu of holidays, totaling $46.45 per hour. So, rest assured, your overall compensation remains unchanged.

Hours Paid: Workday uses a system called “Period Activity Pay” to distribute your income. This means that the university divides your payment into equal biweekly installments over the course of your contract. For most of us, this spans 16 weeks. To calculate your biweekly payment (before taxes), you need to take the total value of your contract, divide it by 16, and then multiply the result by two.

Understanding these changes will help you interpret your paystubs accurately and alleviate any concerns you may have about your pay. If you have any further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Q: Is mandatory training necessary for my contract, and how is the time spent on training sessions counted?

A: Mandatory training is a crucial part of your contract if you’ve just received your first one. These training sessions are not only required by law but also by our employer, and they are a fundamental aspect of your employment.

According to article 20.4, the time you invest in these training sessions is considered TIME WORKED. It’s essential to understand that the time spent in mandatory training sessions MUST BE counted as part of your contract hours.

So, when you attend these mandatory training sessions, the hours you put into them are a vital and legitimate component of your employment contract. Make sure to include them when calculating your total contract hours.

If you have any more questions about mandatory training or need further clarification, please email us at:


Q: What is contract splitting, and how does it affect us?

A: Contract splitting occurs when the same employee holds multiple contracts for the same course but is paid at different rates for these contracts.

For example, an individual who is a teaching assistant (TA) for a class may receive a second contract for the same class, but this second contract is compensated at the rate of a corrector. This practice violates our collective agreement, and we treat it seriously because it results in unfairly reduced wages for our members. It’s essential to note that it is not considered contract splitting if two different individuals are given different contracts paid at different rates for the same class.

If you become aware of any instances of contract splitting, please contact us at:

We take these matters seriously and are committed to addressing them.


Q: How long does the university have to fulfil my entitlement?

A: In accordance with Article 18.7, the university has 12 months to meet your job security requirement of 130 hours. This means that if you started your studies in the fall, for the 2023-2024 academic year, the university has until August 31, 2024, to provide you with 130 hours at the hourly rate of a teaching assistant.

To ensure that your job security is met, you MUST continue to apply for positions on Workday at least once per term.


Q: What is the Interunion Coalition, and how does it relate to our union?

A: The interunion coalition is composed of: the APUO (the Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa), the APTPUO (the Association of Part-Time Professors of the University of Ottawa), GSAED (graduate student association étudiant(e) diplômé(e)s), UOSU (university of Ottawa students union), CUPE 2626, and the SSUO (support Staff Union of the University of Ottawa). Our coalition’s mandate is to work closely together and stand in solidarity on a variety of common interests that benefit our members and the university community.

To gain a deeper understanding of our involvement and the latest updates on our partnership with these unions, we encourage you to read our most recent letter calling on the university to STOP BUDGET CUTS and STOP CUTTING TA CONTRACTS AND HOURS! . This letter provides insights into our cooperative endeavors, shared goals, and how we are working collectively to enhance our members’ experiences.


Q: What is the CUPE 2626 Emergency Fund, and how can I apply for it?

A: The CUPE 2626 Emergency Fund is designed to offer financial assistance to members facing unexpected and challenging situations. The Fund aims to strike a balance between providing significant relief for the specific circumstances prompting a member to apply while assisting as many members as possible with the available funds.

To apply for the Emergency Fund, please complete the Emergency Fund Application Form. This form will require you to describe the nature of the emergency, provide any relevant supporting documentation, and outline the steps you have already taken to address the financial crisis. Additionally, you’ll need to demonstrate financial need (this means you must show a DEFICIT) by filling out the University of Ottawa’s Financial Questionnaire (accessible through your uOzone account under the “Finances” tab) and by supplying a budget detailing your expenses and income.

We’re here to help our members in times of need, and this fund is one way we can provide support.


Q: I want to become more involved in my union, but I’m unsure how to get started or where to reach out.

A: If you’re eager to play a more active role and make a real impact in our union, you’re in the right place. We need YOU to help the fight for fair working conditions and a budgets that prioritize students and learning:

  1. Become a Steward: We are actively recruiting stewards, both in French and English. Stewards are the BACKBONE of our union and are the link between the membership and the Executive Board.
  2. Join the Academic Bargaining Committee: Join the fight for a FAIRER and BETTER contract by sitting at the negotiations table.  Contact pres@cupe2626.ca for more information.
  3. Join the Action Team: This round of bargaining is tough and we need to show the employer we are united and strong! Channel your passion for defending and improving our rights by ORGANIZING and MOBILIZING our members!  Contact csn-bsc-pres@cupe2626.ca to get involved.
  4. Run for an elected position: At our general assembly on November 8, we will be electing a new Equity and Education Officer, Liaison Officer, and President of Assembly. See the description of these roles in the local’s bylaws.

CUPE 2626 is YOUR union and passionate members like YOU ensure that we can continue our work defending and improving our rights! To learn more about these opportunities, reach our to our steward representatives at:

YOU are the union, and TOGETHER we are strong and through solidarity we will WIN!




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