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On this page, you will find forms and other documents that you may need as an unionized employee, along with information pertaining to your T4 income tax slip. This page also provides useful instructions to help you access your employee email inbox, where important documents are often sent. Please click the links below to get more information on each item.

Contract-Related Forms

T4 Income Tax Slip

As an employee, you should receive a notice from the University regarding the availability of your T4 slip at some point in the Winter semester, usually in February or early March.

Like any other information or document related to your work as an employee of the University, your T4 slip should be sent to you by email to your employee inbox, or by mail. It is an important document needed to file your income tax return. Your T4 is available on My HR Profile, which you can access from the uOttawa Human Resources page.

T4/T4A: Important Differences

Your T4 differs from other forms (such as the T4A) available in uoAccess under “My taxes” which are related to being a student (T4A, T2202A, U-Pass, RL-8). Unlike these forms, your T4 is related to your employee status, and is available on My HR Profile.

Both the T4 and the T4A can display similar amounts, although they play different roles. The University sends a notice regarding T4 slips to your employee email address, which may be different from your student email.

What to do if your T4 slip has not been issued

If your T4 slip has not been issued, if it is not in your employee account, or if you did not receive it, please contact Human Resources by phone at 613 562-5832 or by email at The Human Resources Office is located in Tabaret Hall, room 019. If you encounter problems while attempting to reach Human Resources, please contact us by email at, or by phone at 613 562-5345.

Employee Email

As an employee of the University of Ottawa, you may have an employee email address different from your student email address. Your employee email address should be located on your most recent contract, where you’ll also find your employee number. You should check your employee inbox periodically to make sure you do not miss important notices. You can also access your VirtuO employee account (similar to your student uoAccess account).

How to access your employee accounts

  • To access your employee email:
  • To access your VirtuO employee account:
  • Follow the instructions on each page to log in. If you cannot login and access your employee account or email, or if you have forgotten your login information, please contact the Computing Help Centre online at or by phone at 613 562-5800, extension 6555.

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