POSTED ON February 09, 2021
The new Collective Agreement has been ratified!

Thanks to your vote, the new Collective Agreement has been ratified! On July 9, the Board of Governors on the Employer’s side also approved the agreement. Because both sides have now agreed to this document, it has become our new Collective Agreement!

On CUPE 2626’s side, members voted unanimously in favour of ratification! Voting took place between July 27 at midnight, and July 28 at 11:59pm. Only votes from members in good standing qualified.

A Note from your Bargaining Committee Chair

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote on July 27 and 28. This bargaining round has been particularly difficult because of Bill 124 and COVID-19. It means a lot to me that you agree that the Bargaining Committee did do their best to get the very best Collective Agreement possible given these circumstances.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Bargaining Committee, and those who were on the Bargaining Committee, for their help in making this Collective Agreement possible: Claire Farley, Patricia Magazoni Gonçalves, Paulo Castilho, Seema Shafei, Patrick Ladouceur, Christian Goulet, and Cameron Penn. As well, the two representatives from CUPE National, Margo Pasley and Royse Henderson, were invaluable in this process. None of the work that happens at this union is possible without the hard work of our Employees, who work tirelessly to maintain the union’s functions: Paula Cabrera, Natalie Leduc, Lex Vienneau, and especially Xavier Laberge all had some part in this bargaining round. Xavier’s experience as the bargaining chair for the 2016-2019 Collective Agreement was especially important! Finally, a big thank you again to our members for your part in this bargaining process.

In solidarity,

Meg Peters
Bargaining Committee Chair, CUPE2626

Do you have lingering questions regarding the Collective Agreement?

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