POSTED ON September 02, 2020
Renewal of Collective Agreement between CUPE 2626 (Employer) and employee-members of Solidaria (Union)

Did you know that the employees of CUPE 2626 have been unionized since 2015?

The Collective Agreement between CUPE 2626 (Employer) and Solidaria (Union of CUPE 2626 employees) expired on August 31, 2020. The negotiations to renew it concluded last week. The main objectives were to simplify language and processes. A copy of the Collective Agreement, which expires in August 2023,  is available here.

The Executive Summary will provide you with a summary of negotiation objectives and results. A copy of the Agreement in principle, which provides details on the implementation of the new Collective Agreement, can be found here.

The Executive Board of CUPE 2626 and Solidaria hope that this new Collective Agreement will be ratified by the members of CUPE 2626 during the next General Assembly which will take place Wednesday, November 4, 2020.