POSTED ON April 06, 2022
Bargaining Mandate Report: Recommendation to bargain!

Thank you to all 2626 members who have answered the Executive Board’s survey to help us prepare the Bargaining Mandate Report that we will present at the Annual General Assembly (AGA) on April 6.

You can read the Executive Board’s Bargaining Mandate Report here.

Based on this Report, the Executive Committee will ask 2626 members to vote on the following recommendation during the upcoming AGA:

On the basis of the documentation and data gathered, their analysis, and the recommendations of the CUPE representative assigned to our Local, it is recommended that the Annual General Assembly elect or nominate a Bargaining Committee to go to the bargaining table with the Employer to negotiate and/or modify certain parts of the present Collective Agreement, as defined in the present report.

If 2626 members approve this motion, you will be able to elect the Chair of the Bargaining Committee as well as its members during the AGA.

Interested in joining the Bargaining Committee? You can find all the information here.

Please contact the 2626 Union Coordinator if you have any questions!