General Assembly

General Assemblies are a great way to stay informed and get involved with your union. They allow members to elect union officers, vote on union finances, approve bargaining mandates, and generally have their say in union affairs. In a normal academic year, CUPE 2626 organizes two General Assemblies: the Regular General Assembly (RGA) in the fall semester and the Annual General Assembly (AGA) in the winter semester. When necessary, Special General Assemblies (SGA) may also be called.

To participate, it’s important to fill the Member in Good Standing Form prior to the G.A.


Our Annual General Meeting will be held online on Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

You are invited to the CUPE 2626 Annual General Assembly (AGA)! Here is the agenda.

When: Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at 5:30 PM

Where: Online. Registration in advance is mandatory to obtain the Zoom link.

Why: The goals of an AGA are, among other things, to present an account of the activities of CUPE 2626 in the past year, to hold elections, to adopt a budget for the coming year, and to give mandates to the various committees of CUPE 2626.

This AGA is also important because

  • It is the first time all CUPE 2626 members including sub-units 2626-1 Lifeguards and 2626-3 Residence Life members will meet as one united General Assembly. You will hear reports from our interim sub-unit Representatives and officially elect them to integrate the 2626 Executive Board.
  • You will also hear the Executive Board’s Bargaining Mandate Report and vote on its recommendation to go into bargaining with the Employer. Based on your decision, you will be electing the new Chair and members of the Bargaining Committee (BC). The 2626 Collective Agreement (Academic Workers) is expiring August 31, 2022 and we need a strong BC to win a good, fair agreement for all current and future 2626 workers!

We will also be raffling off President’s Choice gift cards throughout the evening! To be eligible to win, you must register for the AGA and attend the event.

Who: All members in good standing of CUPE 2626 including from our subunits 2626-1 and 2626-3 can attend the AGA. You must fill out this form to become a member in good standing.

Members of CUPE 2626 are all students employed by the University of Ottawa who work as (2626) Teaching Assistants, Tutors, Demonstrators, Markers, Research, Assistants, Proctors, and Lab Monitors as well as students enrolled in the COOP and Work Study programs performing TA or RA related duties; (2626-1) Lifeguards, Head guards and Swim instructors; (2626-3) Community Advisors, Team Leads, Mentors, Mentor Team Leads or Peer Supports.

A member whose employment ends will keep their status as a member for the 12 calendar months following the end of their last contract.

How do I register?

There are two steps:

1) Fill out this form to become a Member in Good Standing. Only a Member in Good Standing can fully participate in the activities of the Local and National Union. This means only a Member in Good Standing can attend and vote at General Membership Meetings, run for any elected Union positions, vote in those elections, and participate as a delegate of the Local Union.

2) Register by responding to this Zoom invitation. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the meeting.

How do I prepare for the AGA?

EVERYTHING you need to know is in your AGA kit:

  • Agenda
  • Rules of Order cheat sheet
  • Reports
  • Details regarding the elections
  • Proposed motions

Want to get involved in the 2626 Executive Board? 

CUPE 2626 members have the opportunity to run for and hold several elected positions. These positions allow members to become more involved in union affairs and are usually paid (except for trustees).

At the next AGA, it will be possible for you to run for one of the following positions:

  •  President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Recording Officer
  • Francophone Stewards Representative
  • Anglophone Stewards Representative
  • Equity & Education Officer
  • Health & Security Officer
  • Liaison Officer
  • Chair of 2626 Bargaining Committee
  • Members of 2626 Bargaining Committee (5 or more)
  • 2626-1 Lifeguards Representative
  • 2626-3 Residence Life Representative

Learn more about all the positions and how to run here.


Currently, there is no upcoming Regular General Assembly.



Currently, there is no upcoming Special General Assembly.


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